your travel & lifestyle designers in Miami

Do you ever travel to a new city and you wish you had someone from there that new all the best places to go, that had contacts all around and could make the vacation of your dreams come true?

This is us!

We are here to become your personal lifestyle designer in Miami. With over 20 years working in Luxury Hospitality, we are experts in making even the wildest dreams come true. Whether it’s a yacht party on Miami Beach a 7 star beach dining experience or the most beautiful surprise for your partner, our Designers Team can make it happen.

Our aim is to deliver smooth and stress-free experiences in each area of your time in Miami.


Creating memorable experiences requires a special skillset. They are crafted with knowledge of the inside circles, contacts with the right people, and experience in attention to the finest details.

It starts with You! We start with understanding your exacting tastes and preferences. We invest the time to understand your request details, and to offer you options, alternatives, and maybe an element or two that you had not considered.

Our executive team is dedicated to handling your most luxurious experiences with style and finesse. Whether it is a private jet excursion, a luxury yacht trip to exotic islands, or access to the most exclusive events in the world, our team can put together a program that suits the most refined tastes.

Our services are family friendly, with vetted staff that have the inside knowledge of all the major cities in the world. With access to the most exclusive venues and events, we can tailor experiences to suit the most discerning tastes. We also have access to private events not on any radar, and can custom-design exceptional experiences that suit your wildest dreams – all done to exacting measures that exceed your highest expectations.

the best luxury experience

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